Police Seek Extended Sentence for Repeat Offender

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Though the Georgia Tech Police Department’s most visible role in protecting the campus is patrolling, its role of protecting and serving the community sometimes takes place off campus, in places such as the courtroom.

Officers currently are working to get an extended sentence for one repeat campus offender, Douglas Shilo, who was arrested last month on multiple charges of sexual battery on Tech’s campus.

Shilo allegedly went up to several female victims and either suggestively touched or spoke to them, including grabbing or pulling them to him. This is the second time in recent months that Shilo has been arrested for similar incidents on campus.

“Because he committed misdemeanors, he didn’t stay incarcerated long,” said Interim Chief Robert Connolly. “We’re working with the courts to try to get an extended sentence and make the case that these crimes could lead to more serious ones.”

GTPD was able to arrest Shilo both times with the help of timely and detailed reports from victims and witnesses. The police department continues to ask the campus community to follow the “See Something, Say Something” motto and report any suspicious activity to police.

One staff member, Matt Hanes, recently called GTPD while witnessing a bike theft on campus. Hanes gave police a detailed description of the individual and location, and though the theft was completed, GTPD was able to quickly arrest the thief and recover the bike.

GTPD honored Hanes with one of its first See Something, Say Something awards, which it issues to members of the community who show an outstanding dedication to campus safety.

“We rely on accurate information from the community to stop and solve crimes,” Connolly said.

Meanwhile, false reports are not tolerated. GTPD recently made an arrest in a case where an alleged victim came forward to report a crime, but campus surveillance footage and subsequent interviews brought discrepancies in the story to light. The alleged victim eventually admitted the incident never happened. He was charged with filing a false report, which is a criminal offense. 

“We want you to tell us what’s going on, and we’re trained on how to verify that it’s accurate,” Connolly said.

GTPD can always be reached at 404-894-2500, and crime tips can also be submitted to




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