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Kim Paige
Undergraduate Academic Advisor - Freshmen & Sophomore Students

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As you prepare your Yellow Jacket for the start of the academic year at Tech, we know that there are many questions regarding FASET orientation and, especially, class registration.

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As you prepare your Yellow Jacket for the start of the academic year at Tech, we know that there are many questions regarding FASET orientation and, especially, class registration. The following frequently asked questions and answers are brought to you by the Georgia Tech Academic Advisor Network – they experts on what to expect during this milestone for you and your student.

Should I attend FASET Orientation this summer?

Yes, both students and parents should attend FASET. This applies to transfer students and their families too! The first step to a successful college career is actively participating in FASET orientation at Tech. FASET is designed to help students and parents transition into the college life more smoothly. On average, 97 percent of FASET’s 5,000 annual orientation participants report that the program helps them feel more connected to the Georgia Tech community.

At FASET, students will have an opportunity to attend information sessions, register for classes, meet incoming and current students, and be welcomed into the Georgia Tech community. Parents and guests are encouraged to attend also. Special sessions will be offered to them.

Transitioning to college is a major event and proper planning and preparation starts now. Registration opens May 20, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. In preparation for orientation, we encourage you to visit the FASET website at to learn more about the orientation program.

What if I am not available to attend FASET?

If you are unable to attend our FASET orientation, please email your selected major advisor for other options to help prepare to enter as new student. A listing of campus advisors by departments and majors may be found here. Many academic advisors do not advise non-FASET students during the summer to ensure they can address the academic advising needs of students participating in FASET orientation. If you cannot attend FASET, it is very important to contact your specific major advisors for availability and information specific to that major. In addition, non-FASET attending students cannot register for classes until all FASET sessions are complete. The Registrar Office will send each student a registration time ticket that will advise students of when they are permitted to register for courses.  Advisors cannot override this process for registration.

If attendance to FASET is hindered due to financial reasons, it is strongly encourage that you contact the FASET office to discuss if other options are available. 

Can my parents attend my selected major orientation?

Yes, parents/guardians are welcomed and encouraged to attend departmental orientations on Day 2 of FASET.  During this orientation, students and parents will receive detailed information regarding the major your student has selected including curriculum, student opportunities, roles and responsibilities, and a clear roadmap of your student’s first year as a Tech student.  Please check with specific majors for this offering as some majors may differ.

How can I find out who is my major academic advisor?

A listing of campus academic advisors by departments and majors may be found here. You may also visit individual departments’ websites for more specific program information by visiting the Colleges and Schools at Georgia Tech.

How can I find out if my AP, IB, SAT scores, and college credits will transfer or be accepted?

Individual departments do not review Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), SAT Placement Exams, and/or college credits. All of these scores are reviewed and accepted by the Registrar Office and are then added to your Georgia Tech college transcript.  For more information on testing and scores, and how Georgia Tech evaluates and/or accepts these credits, please review the Georgia Tech Catalog, then click on the "Credit/Tests & Scores" link in the menu bar to the left.

For students who may have participated in a dual enrollment program and received college credits, please either send (to the Registrar Office) or bring (to FASET) an official transcript in its sealed envelope. This will help facilitate registration for students who may enter into Tech with college credit hours, but are still classified in the registration system as “new incoming freshmen.”

How and when do I register for classes?

During Day 2 of FASET Orientation, and after you have met with your academic advisor, you will have the opportunity to select and register for courses in the Library Cluster Registration or in a satellite location within your selected major. You will not be able to register for any courses prior to attending a FASET Orientation session and/or receiving a registration time ticket from the Registrar Office.

Students should receive a credit evaluation/unofficial transcript of incoming AP, IB, and other college credits during Day 1 of FASET Orientation. Please bring a copy on Day 2 for review prior to registration. 

Students who do not and/or are unavailable to attend a FASET session will be allowed to register for courses after ALL FASET sessions are complete. Advisors cannot override this process.

What if I need a permit or override to a course during registration?

If you need to request any permits or overrides for courses other than a major-specific course during registration, you will need to consult with the corresponding department advisor. A listing of departmental contacts for permits and overrides may be downloaded from the Registrar’s website

What if I am undeclared?

Not a problem. A large number of incoming freshman are undeclared and there is no pressure to select a major before you arrive at orientation.  The Institute provides guidance and directed services for undecided students. Click here and select the “Feeling undecided?” option and select a college to find the academic advisor or department representative to help you gain additional information in navigating undecided.

Am I required to have a specific type of laptop/computer?

Georgia Tech does require all entering undergraduate students to own a laptop computer. However, the type of laptop or computer is the student’s choice. Students must adhere to the Institute policies on computer ownership. These policies are outlines on the Student Computer Ownership website.

What should I be doing now to prepare for FASET and my first year at Tech?

  1. Check out the FASET website for details and dates ( ),
  2. Register for FASET Orientation,
  3. Make a list of pending questions for FASET,
  4. Make sure all your credits (AP, IB, college transfer, etc.)/official transcripts are being sent and processed to the Registrar’s Office,
  5. Check all Financial Aid forms, and finally…

We look forward to seeing and meeting you very soon!

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