Innovation Forum for Parkinson's Disease

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A meeting to discuss the unmet clinical needs of the Parkinson's Disease project.

The goal of the meeting is for each of the four group leaders to define the scope of each Parkinson’s disease project (smart programming, neural readouts, stimulus parameters for system modifications, and surgical placement of electrodes) and brainstorm on the unmet clinical needs surrounding their topic with the entire forum - picking the top 3-5 ideas. 

The project leaders will arrange to meet outside of the innovation forum with the group members to develop ideas for small research projects/specific aims that can efficiently and effectively test these ideas and determine the action items needed for moving the project(s) forward.

Also to be discussed will be the potential mechanisms for pilot project funding.  

This meeting is sponsored by the INTENT/Center for Neural Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University's Emory Neuromodulation and Technology Innovation Center (ENTICe).


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