Assoc. prof. Brian Stone discusses the increasing public health costs of climate change

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Associate professor Brian Stone highlighted the importance of early action on combating climate change and its detrimental effects on public health in an interview with NPR. Stone, director of the Urban Climate Lab at Georgia Tech, spoke with correspondent Melissa Block about the threat that heat waves, increasing cases of asthma, and the development of more favorable environments for insect borne diseases will have on global well-being.  Stone outlined ways in which cities can prepare and protect the public from these threats. “Chicago's been trying to cool down the city by using more reflective materials in their alleyways, lighter materials that reflect more sunlight away, and also materials that can allow rainwater to infiltrate,” Stone says. “And so having the moisture, more moisture retained in the city can also cool it down…that's an example of one city that's responded to a historical health threat that is likely to increase in the future in a positive way.”

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