Georgia Tech Cheat Sheet to 2014 National APA Conference in Atlanta

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Georgia Tech faculty, students, and alumni will deliver 24 presentations and receive 2 awards at the 2014 national APA Conference in Atlanta. For a full break down of when and where to find them, check out the conference cheat sheet below:

Saturday, 26 April

1300-1415: Associate Professor Brian Stone. Planning for Climate Change in Cities: How to Change the Weather. GWCC

1430-1600: Dawn Riley (MArch/MCRP '14). Small Town Revitalization and Economic Development. GWCC.

Sunday, 27 April

1045-1200: Assistant Professor Timothy F. Welch, Assistant Professor Bill Drummond, Dana Habeeb (PhD class of '14), and Professor Pat Mokhatrian. S454 - Climate Action Plans: Promises and Pitfalls. GWCC C202/203/204.

1300-1415: Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones. Fall of Non-Residential Real Estate: The Day the Office Died.

1430-1545: Associate Professor Nisha Botchwey, Harry West Professor Catherine Ross, Research Scientist Sarah Smith, and Valerie Wilson. Atlanta Beltline Health Impact Assessment. GWCC C101.

1430-1545: Associate Professor Jennifer Clark and Assistant Professor Anna Kim. The Economy of Immigration and Planning. GWCC.

1430-1545: Professor Dan Immergluck, June Thomas, and Faculty Alumnus Harley Etienne. Foreclosures, Distress and Neighborhood Response (S487). GWCC C 107.

1600-1730: Angie Laurie, Professor of Practice Michael Dobbins, Frank Fernandez, and Debra Scott. How can the Atlanta Falcons Stadium Benefits the Communities it Impacts?

1730-1845: Associate Professor Michael Elliott and Harry West Professor Catherine Ross. Constructing a Multi-Attribute Decision Support Tool for the Atlanta Beltline. GWCC C 102.

Monday, 28 April

0900-1015: David C. Rouse, Eugenie L. Birch, and Harry West Professor Catherine Ross. Planning Research Centers. GWCC C207.

1030-1200: Professor Nancey Green Leigh. Global Solutions for Local Problems: Atlanta Aerotropolis. GWCC C201.

1200-1400: Meredith Britt (MCRP Class of '14). Poster on Assessing Commonalities in Public Art Practice and Comprehensive Planning: A Direction for Atlanta. GWCC, Hall C1.

1200-1400: Charlene Mingus (MCRP/MS/CE Class of '14), Maria Sotnikova (MCRP/MS-PP Class of '14), and George Maier (MCRP/MS-CE Class of '14). Poster on Sustainable Sidewalk Infrastructure Management: An Economic Life-Cycle Analysis of the City of Atlanta, Georgia's Sidewalk System. GWCC, Hall C1

1200-1400: Marion Phillips (MCRP Class of '14). Poster on Inequitable Infrastructure Investment: An Atlanta Case Study. GWCC, Hall C1.

1200-1400: Kyungsoon Wang (PhD Class of '15). Poster on Suburban Smart Growth Planning: Effects on Home Values. GWCC, Hall C1.

1430-1545: Professor of Practice Michael Dobbins, Katherine Moore, and Johanna McCrehan (MCRP '12). Blueprints for Successful Communities.

1430-1715: Associate Professor Nisha Botchwey and R. Harrell. Aging, Immigration, Gentrification, Regional Planning and Diversity. APA Diversity Summit.

1300-1400: Professor Nancey Green Leigh, Nate Hoelzel (PhD Class of '15), and Ben Kraft (PhD Class of '16). Sustainable Industrial Land. GWCC C302.

1300-1415: Lecturer Heather Alhadeff (MCP '01). Immigration and it's Effects upon Economic Development for Metro Atlanta

1630-1900: Professor Emeritus Randy Roark will be a recipient of Best Comprehensive Plan Award from the APA Small Town and Rural Planning Division for the Newton 2050 Plan that included work done by a 2009 MCRP planning studio.

Tuesday, 29 April

0730-0845: Associate Professor Nisha Botchwey, Research Scientist Sarah Smith, and Janelle Williams. HIA for HUD's Choice Neighborhoods. GWCC Georgia Ballroom 1.

0915-1045: Barbara Faga (PhD Class of '15). Legacy of Atlanta's Olympic Games.

1430-1545: APA Outstanding Student Project Award Presented to Gillam Campbell, Marvin Clermont, Kate Colberg, Richelle Gosman, Anna Harkness, Paul Lorenc, Amy Moore, Dzung Nguyen, Jen Yun, and Yi Zhou (all MCRP '13). GWCC, Hall 2.

1600-1716: Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones. Challenges of Sprawl Retrofit.

1600-1716: Professor Dan Immergluck, Mark Walters, Beth Altxhuler, and Frank Alexander. The Neighborhood Concept. GWCC C102.


Don't forget to get your copy of the conference book on Atlanta by faculty alumnus Harley Etienne and Barbara Faga (PhD Class of '15) entitled Planning Atlanta. APA Planners Press, 2014.


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