Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain & Logistics Institute Collaborates to Develop Eight Industry Recognized Supply Chain Operations Certifications

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The Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (SCL) is teaming with Broward College to lead a consortium of 12 Universities and Colleges from across the country in a $25 million dollar grant to develop a set of eight industry recognized supply chain operations and logistics certifications. The grant, sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, was designed to enhance the skills of entry and middle level employees in supply chain operations.The eight certifications include: Supply Chain Principles, Inventory Control, Warehousing Operations, Transportation Operations, Customer Service Operations, Demand Planning, Procurement, and Manufacturing & Service Operations.Seven states have been targeted for the initial roll-out of the certifications and an estimated 3,000 jobs will be filled by program participants. Target students for the certification programs include veterans, the long-term unemployed, and individuals impacted by significant industry-specific downsizing and outsourcing.“Over the years, supply chain management has become more integrated and more complex,” said Tim Brown, SCL’s academic program director who serves as the Georgia Tech principal investigator on the grant. “To meet the ever increasing demands of industry and to stay on top of distinct trends in the field, it is imperative to develop and offer standard professional education in the field.”Brown was also elected co-chairman of the Academic Advisory Council, serving as the university chair. He will be representing Georgia Tech, Northwestern and Rutgers. The Academic Advisory Council will oversee the development of the curriculum and the content of the eight certifications. Georgia Tech’s SCL, the world's largest supply chain and logistics research and education enterprise, was a natural choice for Broward College to team up with as SCL has over sixty years’ experience in addressing industry needs in supply chain management and has at its fingertip a team of Georgia Tech faculty who specialize across the diverse arenas of this field.“We are excited for the opportunity to serve as a lead on this grant. With our role in helping define the content of each of the eight certificates, SCL hopes to create an alliance across Georgia and beyond to implement the courses,” Brown says.Brown has met with representatives from the other 11 consortium education partners in a formal kick-off and initial planning conference. The work of the consortium has now begun, and it will continue through 2016. Four certificate programs will be developed over the next few months – with instruction targeted to begin in October 2014. The remaining programs will be completed next year.The consortium consists of nine colleges who are advised and supported by three universities. The consortium includes: Broward College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, Northwestern University, Columbus State Community College, Essex County College, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Harper College, Long Beach Community College, San Jacinto Community College, St. Petersburg College, and Union County College.Online content delivery, in addition to traditional in classroom training, is a key component of the program. The intent of this hybrid delivery is to allow students to pursue studies at their own pace while meeting personal work and family commitments. A few dozen corporate partners, including Atlanta’s UPS, are on board to provide input to the consortium regarding key skill needs and high demand roles.


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