The Graduate Career Symposium

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Refreshments Served

Attend all or one session


SESSION 1 9:34-10:30

Opening session: "How to Connect, Convince, and Create Collaborative Relationships"

Target Audience-All Students


SESSION 2 10:45-12:00

Table Top Discussions


Topics: Transitioning from the Lab, Consulting, Transferable Skills, How to Secure a Post Doc, Research Resources, Degree Marketability, Law School and Engineering, Patient Agents, Working for the Federal Government, Authentic Networking etc.

 Select 4 Table Top Discussions topics and rotate every 15 minutes.


SESSION 3-12:20-12:25

 Job Options-Keeping Options Open (12:20-1:25) Panel 1

Panel members: Alums/grad students who changed directions and or followed the original path-advice about discovering or selecting a career path.

Target audience-Early graduate students 1st-3rd year.)

Advice: What can you do with a graduate degree besides work at a research institution?

Industry, Consulting, Government-what do these mean and how do academic, research skills convert to industry skills and or a career path? Must one decide on a career path within the first three years?” What can students do to keep options open and/or learn about career choices that are innovative, engaging, and challenging? Do coops and internships help and or matter?


Academic Job Search (12:20-1:25) Panel 2

All aspects of the Academic Job Search-Teaching Research

Target Audience-All seeking careers with Colleges and Universities

Advice: When and how do I begin my job search. Hiring cycles


Choosing a Career Path (12:20-1:25) Panel 3

Panel members: Alums in all areas who can discuss how they made their career choice-traditional or non-traditional path

Target Audience Advanced Students-1-2 years from completion, Masters students

Advice: Degree completion is near, so many career options! How are GT graduates utilizing education, transferable skills, interest, and strengths on the job? How did they find the job and how did they determine it was the “right” career path?


SESSION 4 1:34-2:45


Making the Right Impression and Details Matter? (1:35-2:45) Panel 4

Panel members: Recruiters, managers’ decision makers discuss what details matter.

Target audience: Early graduate students 1st-3rd year

Advice: Do you think about the details of your interactions with potential employers?  What do employers notice during interactions at company info sessions, career fairs, conferences, or while candidates wait in the lobby for the interview? Do recruiters remember students and or  make  judgments make based on  emails, demeanor, dress, and etiquette?  What questions should be asked (and to whom) prior to an interview? How do you recover if you make a mistake? Get inside information scoop from recruiters and decision makers.


Preparing for Success-Transition from Student to Professional-First Year on the Job-(1:35-2:45) Panel 5

Panel members: Alums with 1+ years’ experiencing success provide advice and HR professionals

Target Audience Advanced Students-1-2 years from completion

Advice: What can you do now to help you succeed in your first job?  How to should you prepare to be part of an established group/team? What should you expect in terms of work place politics? How should you learn about and adapt to the culture of a workplace? How can you establish important relationships? Recent alumni will discuss what they have done to thrive in their non-academic positions.


Little Things Matter-What Matters in the Academic Job Search (1:35-2:45) Panel 6

Panel members: Academics with Hiring Committee Experience

Target Audience Advanced Students-1-2 years from completion

Advice: Degree completion is near, so many career options! How are GT graduates utilizing education, transferable skills, interest, and strengths on the job? How did they find the job and how did they determine it was the “right” career path?


SESSION 5 3:00-4:25


Start-up Challenges-Common Misconceptions (3:00-4:25Panel 7 

Panel member’s entrepreneursGT alums with within the first 5 years of Start-up

Target Audience Future Entrepreneurs

Advice: What do first time entrepreneurs typically overlook when starting a business?  What are common misconceptions about startups?  What can one do to prepare for the challenges? How long before a company is profitable? Does being an entrepreneur mean freedom from a schedule?


Negotiation the Industry Offer-What is Negotiable? (3:00-4:25) Panel 8

Panel members: Recruiters, Human Resources, Managers, successful negotiators

Target Audience-All students

Advice: What can you negotiate in a non-academic job? How does the negotiation process work? Can an organization be rescind an offer? Do employers expect graduate students to negotiate? Can other offers leverage a better salary? When should negotiation take place? Can I negotiate via email? How much time between initial offer and deadline for acceptance? Can a student ask for more time? Do recruiters share information?


Negotiating in Academic (3:00-4:25) Panel 9

Panel members:  Faculty who negotiated packages and or Academic negotiators

Target Audience Advanced Students-1-2 years from completion,

Advice: What can I negotiate? How much do I request? Resources for Deterring Salary, Research Assistants, Lab, Graduate and Undergraduate Assistants, Course Load etc.


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