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SCS Talk: Michael Carbin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Times: 2014-04-10 to 2014-04-11, 3:00pm-3:59pm
GVU Brown Bag Seminar: Chris Deleon and Jie Tan
Times: 2014-04-10 to 2014-04-11, 11:30am-12:59pm
Enhancing Your Professional Brand and Image
Times: 2014-04-09, 10:00pm-11:30pm
SCS Talk: William Harris, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Times: 2014-04-08 to 2014-04-09, 3:00pm-3:59pm
National Robotics Week Open House
Times: 2014-04-08 to 2014-04-09, 9:00am-2:59pm
Noonan Lecture: Peter Swire
Times: 2014-04-03 to 2014-04-04, 7:30pm-8:59pm
GVU Brown Bag Seminar: Geoffrey Bowker
Times: 2014-04-03 to 2014-04-04, 11:30am-12:59pm
Building your Project Portfolio Workshop
Times: 2014-04-02 to 2014-04-03, 10:00pm-11:59pm
Weighing Job Offers/Salary Negotiations Workshop
Times: 2014-03-31, 10:00pm-11:30pm
CSE Seminar: Jonathan Huang
Times: 2014-03-28 to 2014-03-29, 6:00pm-6:59pm
SCS Talk: Ymir Vigfusson, Assistant Professor, Reykjavik University
Times: 2014-03-27 to 2014-03-28, 3:00pm-3:59pm
GVU Brown Bag Seminar: Thad Starner
Times: 2014-03-27 to 2014-03-28, 11:30am-12:59pm
Big Data Industry Forum
Times: 2014-03-27 to 2014-03-28, 9:00am-3:59pm
SCS Talk: Guoliang Jin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Times: 2014-03-25 to 2014-03-26, 3:00pm-3:59pm
Big Data Chalk & Talk/Brown Bag
Times: 2014-03-20 to 2014-03-21, 12:30pm-1:59pm
CSE Seminar: Anthony Gitter
Times: 2014-03-14 to 2014-03-15, 6:00pm-6:59pm
Big Data Chalk & Talk/Brown Bag
Times: 2014-03-13 to 2014-03-14, 12:30pm-1:59pm
GVU Brown Bag Seminar: Research and Engagement Grants Talk
Times: 2014-03-13 to 2014-03-14, 11:30am-12:59pm


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