Petit Institute Seminar

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"Building Functional Materials from Proteins: Assembly and Dynamism"

Neel Joshi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
Harvard University

This talk will focus on the development of new materials that incorporate the self-assembling and conformationally dynamic properties of proteins into new materials and biosensors. By engineering proteins and peptides at the molecular scale and directing their assembly into macroscopic structures, we have created materials that exhibit remarkable mechanical stability and environmental responsiveness. In one example, engineered peptide sequence was assembled into nanotubes and used as a biocompatible reinforcement agent in the fabrication of a new bioresorbable composite. In another example, we have used a domain insertion technique to fuse two protein sequences together and form new type of enzymatic biosensor. Finally, we have developed a novel approach to the fabrication of active surface coatings by leveraging the biosynthetic potential and genetic programmability of bacterial biofilms.

Faculty host: Julie Champion, PhD


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