Modern Languages presents: Russian songwriter and underground artist Psoy Korolenko (in English and Russian)

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The School of Modern Languages and the Russian program at Georgia Tech proudly present:

PSOY KOROLENKO (Russian songwriter and underground artist) in his inspired, real-time rap-poetic* commentary and piano accompaniment to Abram Room’s silent masterpiece (1927):
  BED and SOFA (LOVE for THREE)  
Abram Room's avant-garde 1927 film "Bed and Sofa (Love for Three)" is bold both cinematically and ideologically, especially in its exploration of gender roles.  (The original Russian title, Liubov’ vtroem [menage-a-trois] was too bold for authorities and had to be changed.) Psoy Korolenko uses the film as a real-time platform for a pointedly insightful and very funny musical and poetic commentary both on the film’s characters/events/style and on its time the transformational Soviet 1920s.  His commentary originally existed as a more than hour long rap and piano performance in Russian and was then translated into English (by Stuart Goldberg and Daniel Kahn) and performed as an English-langage piece. The current version is an organic mix of English and Russian passages/songs. Psoy Korolenko is a wandering scholar, songwriter and underground artist with a broad range of stylistically diverse projects (http://khaloymes.livejournal.com/).

Note: Parking in Area 2 or Area 3 (http://pts.gatech.edu/PublishingImages/ParkingZones1314.jpg), enter student center from Area 2, descend stairs, and theater is on the right on the first floor. 



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