A Campus Safety Reminder: Start the year off right with Jacket Guardian

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Jacket Guardian is a security device that turns mobile phones into personal safety devices.  Plus, Jacket Guardian is FREE to students, faculty, and staff and takes less than five minutes to set up.  When you set up your Jacket Guardian profile you will be given two phone numbers: a timer feature (404.996.0896) and a panic feature (404.996.0966). 

The timer feature allows you to set a realistic time for yourself to reach your destination.  When you arrive at your destination you must call in to deactivate your timer. If you forget to deactivate your timer or something prevents you from deactivating your timer, your profile and location (enabled through GPS tracking capabilities on your phone) will be sent to Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) dispatch. The GTPD dispatch will then try to contact you. If there is no answer when dispatchers call you or you sound distress, a GTPD officer will be in route to your location.

The panic feature acts just like the timer feature, but all you need to do is dial the panic feature number to activate your profile and location. We recommend downloading the iPhone app called GT911 or setting the two numbers on speed dial for easy access when you need the numbers.

For more information please visit to sign up, read frequently asked questions, and to watch the Jacket Guardian video. 

Keep yourself safe in the new year by signing up for Jacket Guardian. And remember, if you see something, say something!


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