Benefits of Academic Coaching

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Georgia Tech’s Center for Academic Success offers Academic Coaching to students who want to improve their study skills and academic performance. We often meet with students who state that they are struggling at Tech because they didn’t have to study much in high school or they haven’t ever learned how to manage their time effectively because they haven’t had to in the past. Academic Coaching helps bridge those gaps by facilitating the learning of study skills and techniques that will help students become more self-regulated learners. As the New Year brings new resolutions, students that want to turn their academic life around or fine-tune their study skills can expect to benefit from Academic Coaching.

Students participating in Academic Coaching meet with a coach as often as they choose, but average 2-4 times per semester for 45-minute sessions. Each semester, we work with students who have decided that something is not working in their academic life and want to see different results. During the sessions, we facilitate a student-centered, reflective process on topics such as: identifying obstacles and challenges getting in the way of academic success, developing study skills, creating a comprehensive schedule for a balanced semester, developing self-discipline, or increasing motivation to last the whole semester.

Parents can often identify whether their student is a good candidate for Academic Coaching when the student expresses interest in doing things differently next semester, when they are receptive to the idea of change, when they are willing to talk honestly about their academic challenges, and when they are ready to take control of their education and work hard. As coaches, we work with students from all majors, at all levels, and facing a variety of challenges.  All we ask is that students come willing to try new things.

Our surveys indicate that 100 percent of our Academic Coaching students believe that coaching will help them be more successful at Tech. Students also report that through coaching they learn at least one new skill and benefit from having someone on campus to talk to and reflect upon the learning process.

To make appointments, students can visit our office in Clough Commons Suite 283 or visit our website


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