Definition of ‘Faculty’ to Be Revised

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During last Tuesday’s faculty governance meeting, Jeanne Balsam, chair of the Statutes Committee, gave a progress report on the process to revise the definition of “faculty.” 

Balsam is chair of the Subcommittee on Faculty Definition, which has been charged with developing a plan for revising the definition of this job category. In addition to her role with faculty governance, Balsam is also a principal research associate at Georgia Tech Research Institute.

“Basically, general faculty status will no longer be available; each job title will be designated academic faculty, research faculty, or staff,” Balsam said.

Anyone impacted by the change will continue to receive the same vacation benefits. Also, those elected to a standing faculty committee will be able to complete their terms.

Balsam also shared that discussions to create a staff council and a postdoctoral association — which would provide others with a voice in campus affairs — are underway.

Votes to approve the changes will take place at the scheduled Feb. 18 and Apr. 22 faculty meetings. The full presentation made by Balsam is available here.

In other meeting news:

  • The following changes were approved to the Faculty Handbook: in 3.3.9 Promotion and Tenure Procedures, personal narratives may now be 3-5 pages vs. 3 pages; in 3.3.10 Promotion Peer Review Policy, upon conclusion of the review process, only the deans or a vice provost will now send a letter to the faculty member indicating the outcome — a letter from the president is not required; and in 3.1.2 Faculty Salaries and Evaluations, the language was changed so that faculty members will now receive a written performance annually — instead of just being entitled to one.

For the full agenda from this meeting and future meeting dates, click here.



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