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"Micro/nano-fluidic Devices Based on Focused Electromechanical Fields for Large Biomolecule Delivery, Sensing, and Imaging"

Andrei G. Fedorov, PhD

Professor and Woodruff Faculty Fellow
School of Mechanical Engineering
Georgia Tech

Andrei Fedorov’s research deals with understanding and exploitation of unique nanoscale physical and chemical properties of materials and development of novel microchemical devices. His current research efforts focus on micro/nano scale catalysis and reaction engineering, electron-beam CVD of nanomaterials, development of nanoelectrospray source for mass spectrometry, nano-patterning of self-assembled monolayes, cryogenic microsystems for thermal management of electronics, and theoretical analysis of AFM-based multifunctional scanning probes for biological interfaces. Applications of Fedorov’s research range from micro fuel cells to portable water/air disinfection devices to bioanalytical instrumentation. Fedorov has authored more than 120 archival technical papers in leading journals as well as numerous patent applications in micro/nanotechnology.


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