Petit Institute Seminar

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"Nerve Regeneration: One Challenge Many Targets"

Ana Paula Pêgo, PhD
Institute for Molecular & Cell Biology
Biomaterials for Neurosciences Team – NEWTherapies Group
University of Porto, Portugal

The nervous system may be subject of damage by a variety of insults, which can have serious consequences to the patient, with total loss of functionality in the more severe cases. The knowledge that neurons have an intrinsic regenerative capacity stimulated the necessity of understanding the fundamental cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie each clinical condition. One of the challenges currently facing neuroscientists is the development of effective therapies based on the advances achieved in basic research.

How can biomaterials contribute? This talk will address this issue, illustrating the potential use of biomaterials to promote nerve regeneration.

By using nanomedicine strategies my team aims at providing in situ and in a targeted manner the required signals to promote nervous tissue regeneration. Namely, by exploring the development of biomaterial-based nanoparticles for therapeutic nucleic acid delivery targeted to neuronal cells and the development of molecularly designed matrices to be used in the treatment of spinal cord lesions.

Andrés García, PhD - faculty host


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