Page Says ‘Goodbye’ to Tech After 16 Years

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When it comes to memorable moments while working at Georgia Tech, Warren Page is quick to mention the “snowstorm o’doom” (as Creative Loafing called it) that crippled Atlanta in 2011. 

“I spent three days sleeping on a couch here on campus,” said Page, director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance. “The funny thing was that we had the campus open, but no one could get here.”

This is just one of the memories that Page is taking with him as he retires from the Institute on June 1 after 16 years in his current position.

After 26 years in the Air Force (where Page gained his experience in facilities maintenance through maintaining bases), he knew he wanted to work in a university setting. For five years, he worked for the Palm Beach County School District before he applied for his job at Tech.

“I loved the idea of being associated with an institution like Georgia Tech,” he said. “And then there was the fact that my son played football here at the time, which sweetened the deal.”

Recently, we had a chance to learn more about Page and his time at Tech.

What’s an average day like in your job?       
There’s always something happening. Currently, a big concern is the pools at the Campus Recreation Center, and before that we had some steam line issues. Every day brings new challenges, but fortunately they don’t come along as frequently now as they used to. Our maintenance operation is divided up into five areas. Each is headed by a maintenance manager who leads a group of around 25 technicians who are responsible for maintaining around 1.5 million square feet of facilities. We also have teams that provide everything from custodial to recycling services. Thankfully, I work with some really talented people who make my job pretty easy. I’ve just tried to keep the lines of communication open among everyone.  

What are a few things people might not know about your job?      
Georgia Tech is one of the top electrical consumers in the Atlanta area. One fun fact is that the power provided by the old electrical substation that provided electricity to the entire campus now only provides electricity for a single, large boiler. We needed to build the new larger substation to provide electricity to support our growing campus.

Name an accomplishment you’re proud of.  
I’m really proud of our preventative maintenance program. We went through every building on campus and identified all of the motors, air handlers, chillers, etc., in each building. With that information, we developed a preventative maintenance program for each piece of equipment. The result has been better operating equipment and a reduction in service calls.  

What are a few things that every employee should do while working at Tech?
Go to a football game, and see the Campanile at night. Oh, and go to the Highland Bakery cart in the College of Computing and get a scone.

What are your plans for retirement?  
My wife and I have bought a house in Niceville, Fla. We’re looking forward to having more time to travel, read, exercise, and enjoy our 10 grandchildren. Much of my working life has involved getting emergency maintenance calls at night and on weekends and holidays. Although we will miss many things about my job, my wife, Janet, and I will not miss getting those calls!



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