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When Georgia Tech launched its first massive open online course (MOOC) last summer, the campus community had plenty of questions about the ramifications for teaching and learning at the Institute.The response? Seven groups of faculty, staff, and students, called “mini innovation hubs,” were formed. These groups have been busy defining their research questions and exploring how to address them. Members of six of the seven hubs presented their progress during a showcase a few weeks ago.“The requirements for the mini innovation hubs were simple,” said Donna Llewellyn, director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) and associate vice provost for Learning Excellence. “Each group exploring a research question needed a faculty champion and a group of people interested in exploring the topic. The organizers did not tell the groups what questions to ask.”Llewellyn is leading the initiative with Mike McCracken, director of Online Course Development and Innovation for the Center for 21st Century Universities; Wendy Newstetter, senior academic professional in the College of Engineering; and Lauren Margulieux, graduate student assistant in the School of Psychology.The seven hubs are considering the following topics and questions:  
  • Dual Use: What are the special issues of using a MOOC to flip or blend a course? Champion — Bonnie Ferri, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Delivery Mechanisms: How can mixed- reality technologies be used to enhance MOOC learning and on-campus courses? Champion — Racel Williams, Architecture
  • Physics Labs: How can a physical science lab experience be designed for students in a MOOC or other online learning environment? Champion — Ed Greco, Physics
  • Library Support: How can the Library provide resources in a MOOC? Champions —  Lori Critz, Library; and Cari Lovins, Information Technology
  • Motivation: What are the issues associated with keeping students engaged and involved in a MOOC? Champion —  Al Ferri, Mechanical Engineering
  • Math Bridge: Can a MOOC environment help Tech to efficiently and effectively serve incoming students who need a bridge course to ensure success in their first math course? Champion — Shannon Dobranski, Center for Academic Success
  • Multidisciplinary: How can an online environment be harnessed to offer a truly multi-disciplinary course addressing the challenging issues of today? Champion — Katja Weber, International Affairs
The May showcase was the first update from the hubs, and the research is continuing.“This is not a closed process,” Llewellyn said. “These mini hubs don’t have fences around them. They are open to other people becoming involved.”Anyone interested in working with a hub should contact the group’s champion.The videotaped presentations from the showcase are available here.



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