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More than 5 million people visit Georgia Tech’s websites each year — but it’s been about six years since the last major redesign. 

That’s why, with guidance from the consulting firm mStoner and more than 70 faculty, staff, and students, the Institute is developing a new website look that will be both functional and eye-catching.

“Unlike traditional redesign models that tend to start from the administrative level and work down, the Institute decided to begin the process with its colleges,” said Dave Holston, senior director of creative strategy and brand management in Institute Communications. Holston is coordinating the redesign efforts, along with the Institute Communications Web team. “We asked leads from each college to develop a cohesive design solution that would create visual alignment across Tech’s websites but that would also provide flexibility.”

The designs and suggestions were then adapted to meet the needs of the main Institute homepage ( and top-level Web pages such as those for news and research. The new design will feature bold imagery and a clean and contemporary design

Common navigation headers and footers on the site will help create a consistent experience for users. Other new features will include an updated campus map, improved search function, and a shared faculty database.

“One of the biggest advances for the new site will be the adoption of a responsive design approach,” Holston added. “At the time of the last redesign, most people viewed websites on their desktops, but now more than half of our Web visitors view sites on a mobile device. This responsive format will allow visitors to easily view the websites — regardless of whether they are on a desktop or an iPhone.”

Redesigned top-level websites including the Georgia Tech homepage and several of the college sites including the College of Engineering and the College of Sciences will launch in August, with the initial design phase scheduled to be complete by December. 

The redesign effort will be ongoing and includes a long-term plan for management of the site, which involves the creation of a Web Governance Committee comprised of faculty and staff from across the Institute. 

For more information, email Holston.



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