Beat the Budget

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Ivan Allen’s Student Advisory Board is proud to announce that we will be hosting an interactive event with the Concord Coalition on April 17. Founded in the 1990s, the Concord Coalition is a nonpartisan group whose main focus is informing the American public of the fiscal challenges our nation faces in the hopes of improving our fiscal future. These are the same people who speak directly to Congress about these issues, and now Tech students and faculty will have the chance to learn more about the specific issues we as a nation currently face in regards to the fiscal cliff.

Students may join us on Wednesday, April 17 in the Student Center Ballroom from 6pm to 8pm to learn more about current financial issues and find out where the money actually goes as they attempt to balance the budget themselves. We have hosted this event in the past, and it was a fantastic learning experience. Students are put into teams and given a packet of bills currently on the table for consideration on Capitol Hill. Each team must make its own decisions as to whether or not a given bill should be passed. The bills vary in subject from entitlements to foreign policy to healthcare, and Phil Smith, the event’s host, will be available for clarification or discussion of any of the bills. Students will leave the event better informed about our nation’s debt and the intricacies of deciding how to balance the budget.

Everyone is welcome! There will also be free pizza!  Don’t miss the chance to meet Phil Smith and debate some of our nation’s most heated topics.




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