Getting to Know Georgia Tech’s International Plan

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Perhaps you remember hearing about the International Plan (IP) at Connect with Tech or at FASET, or perhaps your student has already committed to a globalized education by signing up to participate in the IP. Below are some frequently asked questions about the program that will help you get to know a little bit more about the IP including its benefits.

What is the IP?

In essence, the IP is a challenging undergraduate academic program aimed at developing a student’s global competence within the context of his/her major. Participants complete the various components throughout their careers at Georgia Tech and in tandem with their major requirements. IP graduates earn a special designation on both their diplomas and their transcripts.

How does a student complete the IP?

The IP incorporates globally focused coursework, 26 weeks (two terms) of international study or work, and language proficiency into the student’s degree. With proper planning, the coursework will satisfy major requirements and/or electives.

Participants have a variety of resources upon which to draw:

  • The Assistant Director of the International Plan (Jennifer Evanuik Baird) provides overall guidance and develops related programming specifically for IP participants.
  • Each participating major has a faculty representative who helps participants develop a plan appropriate for each individual’s academic and linguistic goals.
  • The School of Modern Languages provides support to students as they develop their language proficiency.
  • To complete the required 26 weeks abroad, students have two main points of contact:
    • Students wishing to study abroad work with the Education Abroad advisors in the Office of International Education to research and apply for programs.
    • Students wishing to intern or co-op abroad work with the International Internship and Co-op advisors in the Division of Professional Practice to identify and apply for overseas work opportunities.

How is the IP different than studying abroad?

Students in the IP will complete coursework that complements their international experiences and they will necessarily develop, at minimum, an intermediate level of proficiency in a second language. 

Moreover, the main identifying feature of the IP is the idea of coherence. All of the components of the IP should relate to each other in such a way that each participant develops a unique outlook on their major from a specific linguistic and cultural context. Some students choose to focus on two different countries/cultures rather than one in order to gain a comparative perspective on a specific aspect of their major.

What is the benefit for my son or daughter to complete the International Plan?

The International Plan provides students a unique opportunity to develop a global understanding of their major while learning about the complex cultural, economic and social contexts in which they will work post-graduation. Increasingly, employers are seeking to hire graduates who are globally competent and can operate in diverse cultural settings. Through the IP, students can develop the professional and personal skills and knowledge needed to become a leader in the global marketplace.

Who can participate in the IP?

The International Plan is currently available to students in 26 of Georgia Tech's undergraduate majors. Students interested in the IP are encouraged to apply to the program during their first four semesters of undergraduate study. However, more advanced undergraduates in participating majors who are interested in joining the IP are encouraged to apply and consult with the IP Assistant Director. 

How can my son or daughter join this exciting program?

The application is online and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Current students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher in order to qualify for the program. Prospective participants are encouraged to review the requirements before applying.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IP Assistant Director at or at 404.894.7475.


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