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TITLE: Unique Technology to Help Provide Safer Care for More PatientsSPEAKER: Kunter AkbayABSTRACT:A multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientist at GE Global Research Center (GRC) has been focused on the global need for improving the efficiency and the safety of patient care in the hospitals.  The unique systems approach is based on the integration of information systems, sensor technologies, and advanced computing and decisoning analytics.  The key analytics include simulation modeling, optimization, computer vision, sensor analytics, artificial intelligence, and advance software system design. The system approach is focused on answering three fundamental questions concerning design and real-time operations:  1) is the healthcare delivery system designed for efficiency or should it be re-designed?  2) Is the system operating well? Are there any near term bottlenecks? If so, can they be avoided?  3) Are the key safety protocols followed during the actual care delivery?  This seminar will provide an overview of the unique system approach to the complex problem and demonstrate some of the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research prototypes currently being validated in hospitals for Hospital Operations Management decision support.Bio:  Kunter Akbay is a Principal Engineer at the GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY.  He currently leads the hospital capacity and safety research initiatives.  He has 30+ years of experience in robust and smart process design using simulation and optimization technologies.  Prior to joining GE, Kunter had a simulation consulting business and before that he was an Associate Professor at Marquette University directing the Industrial Engineering Program.  He has B.S., MS., and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering.


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