Supply Chain Executive Forum Spring 2013 Meeting

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The Georgia Tech Supply Chain Executive Forum will hold its spring meeting May 1-2, 2013 with the theme "Supply Chains: A Risky Business". The forum will include speakers from The Coca-Cola Company, MIT, Brand Velocity, Tompkins & Associates and Firestorm and cover topics such as:  
  • Supply Chain Risk: It's Not What You Think or Is It?
  • Handling Risk Management in Healthcare
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Leveraging Collaboration and Technology
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Crisis Management (An interactive case-study)
We will host a joint-session with the Atlanta CSCMP Chapter on the afternoon of May 1st which will provide a rich networking opportunity! The forum is a by invitation only event through the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute or Atlanta CSCMP Chapter.  ABOUT THE SCEFGeorgia Tech's Supply Chain Executive Forum (SCEF), an unit of the Supply Chain & Logistics Institute, represents THE most relevant and valuable opportunity for senior supply chain executives to enhance the strategic impact of their supply chain processes and activities. The SCEF meets twice each year at Georgia Tech in Atlanta and helps its members to identify new and compelling ways to streamline operations to enhance profitability, integrate supply chain strategy with corporate strategy, and grow professionally within and beyond their current organizations.To learn more about Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain Executive Forum, visit http://www.scl.gatech.edu/scef and read about our Fall 2012 meeting.


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