Composite Pulse Sequences for Ion Trap Quantum Computation

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School of Physics Hard Condensed Matter and AMO Seminar: Presenting Kenneth R. Brown, Georgia Tech

The control of quantum systems is limited by unwanted interactions with the environment and uncertainties in the applied control fields.  For ions these uncertainties include unwanted fluctuations in the intensity and the frequency of the electromagnetic field used to control the qubit. For unknown but static errors on the time scale of the experiment, compensating composite pulses sequences can be used to minimize the effect of these errors. In this talk, I will describe the general method of compensating composite pulse sequences for single qubit and multi-qubit systems. I will then discuss two experiments performed in collaboration with GTRI using composite pulse sequences. The first experiment uses known pulse sequences to effectively reduce the spatial variation in a microwave field. The second experiment tests a family of narrowband composite pulse sequences that we have developed. Narrowband pulse sequences can improve ion addressing in a chain by minimizing the effective rotation on neighboring ions.  The new pulse sequences are an improvement in both sequence time and cross talk minimization.


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