Manufacturing Brown Bag Seminar

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TITLE: Innovation in Food and Poultry Processing

SPEAKER:  Doug Britton


With the world population estimated to grow by 30% to 9.1 billion by the year 2050, and the realization that arable land is actually decreasing as a result, the old adage of “doing more with less” is a distinct reality when it comes to the world’s food production systems. And within this conundrum lies an opportunity for transformational innovation in a domain that has been around as long as life itself – Food! Agriculture and Food are not often the subject of traditional engineering or manufacturing educations, but given the challenges associated with feeding a growing world, the opportunities will fall in the collaborative spaces between the modern agricultural sciences and the core engineering disciplines. This talk will present the variety of research activities ongoing in the Agricultural Technology Research Program at Georgia Tech. We will also discuss the unique challenges of meeting food safety requirements, the manipulating food and poultry products that are not uniform, as well as some of the environmental impact considerations for a modern food manufacturing facility.  Finally, we will define and discuss transformational innovation with respect to the food and agriculture space, and talk about the opportunities for reinventing the animal agriculture production and processing facilities of the future.  What should they look like, and how do we get there?


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