Graduate and Postdoc (GaP) Seminar Series

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Hyewon Lee - Advisor, Hang Lu, PhD

"High-density multi-channel device for parallel stimulation and long-term monitoring cellular features in C. elegant"

Here, we developed a densely-packed multi-channel device to enable simultaneous stimulation, long-term continuous feeding, and ease repetitive imaging over 100 C. elegans. We verified the usability of the device for the high-throughput ablation with KillerRed- encoded worms. We expected that our device will greatly facilitate a broad range of developmental and functional studies in neuroscience.

Catera Wilder - Advisor, Manu Platt, PhD

"Paracring signaling of invasive breast cancer cells reduce mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and survival"

Bone metastases from breast cancer patients tend to form osteolytic lesions. Previous work has focused on how osteoclast bone resorption has contributed to the formation of the lesions, but little work has examined the affect of breast cancer cells on osteoblast. This work investigates how breast cancer cells down-regulate osteogenic differentiation and increase apoptosis to promote osteolytic lesion formation.


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