Graduate and Postdoc (GaP) Seminar Series

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Gaurav Dwivedi - Advisor, Melissa Kemp, PhD

"Computational Modeling of the IL-4 Pathway to Understand Systemic Redox Regulation in Cell Signaling"

The role of reactive oxygen species in regulating cellular signaling is now well recognized. However, the mechanisms by which ROS regulate cell signaling are not well understood. We are combining experimental and computational approaches to understand the principles of redox regulation in the context of the IL-4 signaling pathway.

Adriana San Miguel - Advisor, Hang Lu, PhD

"Phenotypic Profiling of Synapses in C. elegans for Automated High-Throughput Genetic Screening"

An integral approach encompassing microfluidics, machine learning and data analysis enables the identification of mutations that exhibit extremely subtle synapse morphology phenotypes in C. elegans.


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