Integrated Cancer Research Seminar Series

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"Glycoproteomic Discovery of Cancer Biomarkers"

Karen L. Abbott, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
University of Georgia

Glycosylation is a posttranslational modification that changes early in cancer cells favoring the growth and progression of the tumor.  We have developed glycoproteomic techniques that enable the identification of glycoproteins that carry tumor-specific glycans using lectin capture followed by nano-ESI-RPLC-MS/MS analysis.  The application of these methods for breast and ovarian cancer has led to the identification of new biomarkers that are common to diverse molecular and histological subtypes of breast and ovarian cancer.  These results indicate that the detection of tumor-specfic glycan changes on specific glycoproteins may be useful for the development of population wide screening for breast and ovarian cancers.  Furthermore, these studies offer new insights into functional roles of tumor-specific glycan modifications that may be exploited for the development of future therapeutics.      


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