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As the fall semester comes to an end, it’s time to think about what meal plan would be best suited for your student next semester. There are many options for students to choose from, so it’s important to consider habits and lifestyle when making a selection.

The meal plan that offers the most value is the All-Access Meal Plan, which offers unlimited access and no meal period restrictions to all three dining halls: Woodruff, Brittain and North Avenue. To add flexibility to this plan, students can purchase a Ramblin’ Add-On in increments of $100, $200, $300 or $400, which give students the ability to eat at the 17 retail locations on campus. With these Ramblin’ Add-Ons, students do not pay 8 percent sales tax on purchases and receive an extra Ramblin’ bonus of $30 and $40 for the Ramblin’ 300 and Ramblin’ 400, respectively. The combination of a Ramblin’ Add-On and an All-Access Meal Plan is perfect for students who want the highest level of convenience, variety and flexibility.

“Georgia Tech students don’t typically have additional time. Between going to class, studying, intramural sports and participating in student organizations, it’s hard to find time to have a balanced meal,” said Dori Martin, marketing director, Georgia Tech Dining Services.

“With the All Access Meal Plan, students will not only be exposed to a variety of fresh and healthy choices, but will also be able to enter into the dining halls whenever they choose. This is increasingly important for students during midterms and finals. The addition of a Ramblin’ Add-On to this plan is a huge benefit as well. Students have the ability to eat at the Student Center, the Campus Recreation Center, The Clough Undergraduate Learning Center and Eastside and Westside Markets.”

Other popular meal plans to consider for upperclassmen, commuters or graduate students include our declining balance options, the Ramblin’ 450 and Ramblin’ 250. As a student purchases meals throughout the semester, the dollar amount on these plans decline. In addition, students do not pay 8 percent sales tax and are given $45 and $25 in Ramblin’ dollars, respectively; increasing one’s buying power by 18 percent. By purchasing one of these plans, students also receive 10 percent off the door price at the dining hall.

We encourage you and your students to review the rules, regulations and details regarding each meal plan to select the one that best suits your student’s needs. All meal plan charges post to your Bursar's account. For more information, visit www.mealplan.gatech.edu.

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