Best Experience to Date: The Invention Studio

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Once I came to Tech, I was eager yet nervous, like most people are when they arrive. Then, like most, I discovered how true it is that Tech is no walk in the park. Although there have been stressful times, there have also been great times. Of these times there has been one thing that has given me the most enjoyment - my time in the Invention Studio.

So far I have gone three times and each time has been better than the previous. Whenever I’m there, it is an experience. In fact, it was one of my deciding factors in coming to Tech. At home I would work at the tool bench in my basement building kludges out of scraps when trying to bring designs from my invention notebook to fruition. Here I will be able to bring more of those inventions into reality and simply being in the Invention Studio excites me. I see it as a place for my dreams to come alive. Each time I was there, I met the people who spend time there and learned how to use the laser cutter, water jet, and 3D printer. My first time there I learned how to use the laser cutter and made myself a nameplate that hangs on the wall next to my dorm room. The second time I went, I used the laser cutter to build a tumbler lock just for fun. The most recent time I went, I just sat in a chair and took measurements with a caliper of headphones, wheels, and screws; all of which are needed measurements for different inventions I intend to build which will of course lead me to spending more time in the studio. After I took my measurements, I was also trained on how to use the water jet, which will be integral for me in completing one of the inventions for which I took measurements (as well as many others). 

In all, my time at Tech has yielded several very memorable experiences; things that have upset me and things that have made me overwhelmingly happy. In the end, though, my total experience at the Invention Studio has been the most memorable simply because it is the most meaningful to me.


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