Does Your Student Have a Global Perspective?

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In a November 2010 Public Opinion Survey on the importance of international education, nearly 75 percent of respondents believed that “America’s higher education institutions must do a better job of teaching students about the world if they are to be prepared to compete in the global economy.”

With 42 percent of its undergraduates having some type of international experience before they graduate, Georgia Tech students are far ahead of the game.

Each year, more international opportunities are added to Tech’s expansive network of work and study abroad programs. With the inception of the International Plan in 2005, students have the opportunity to gain even more of a competitive advantage by integrating international and intercultural learning into their major.

Students of all majors can study and/or work abroad while at Georgia Tech. To find out more about these opportunities, we encourage students to:

  1. Attend the Work Abroad Info Session held on Thursday, October 11, from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. in the Bill Moore Student Success Center, President’s Suite A. This gives students an excellent opportunity to hear about Work Abroad opportunities and get answers to frequently asked questions. Visit for more information.
  2. Connect with the Office of International Education either online or in person to learn more about study abroad. The OIE website includes information and links to help you search for study abroad programs by major or country. There is also an interactive function that allows you to compare program costs including the costs to a semester in Atlanta. Students may meet staff in person for individual advising by calling the OIE office at 404-894-7475 to set up an appointment. Students who "Like" the OIE on Facebook will also get updates about upcoming information sessions, open houses (the beginning of each semester), scholarship information, application deadlines, student blogs, informative articles about the international scene, and more. The Office of International Education located in Savant 211 at 631 Cherry Street (near Tech Tower).

Studying or working abroad isn’t just an incredible, life-changing experience for students. In an increasingly competitive market, it also provides a chance for them distinguish themselves from their peers in interviews and graduate school applications. Georgia Tech offers more than 100 programs abroad whose destinations span across the globe, giving more than 1,200 students each year the opportunity to take advantage of study abroad or work abroad. Whether a student is looking to improve language skills, fulfill credits toward a major, or intern with an international employer, Work Abroad and the Study Abroad are great places to help fulfill these goals.

A call out to parents… we want to hear from parents of Tech students who have studied or worked abroad while at Tech. We would like to know why you think international education is important for your child and why you support their decision to go abroad. If interested in giving a testimonial, please contact Rebecca Bacon.


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