There is No Place Like Tech


Norquata Allen
Third-year, Aerospace Engineering Major

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Georgia Tech, the place I have called home for the past two years, is quite a unique place. Standing in the middle of campus, most people would never guess that they are in downtown Atlanta, but they are. Sitting in a residence hall lounge, struggling through computer science homework, a student may not realize the skills he or she is acquiring will serve them will in the future – but they are. Leading a campus organization or a club sport because it is a passion, a student wonders if they will have time to also pick up an internship -of course they can! 

Tech is a place like no other. We are a highly academic institution that prides ourselves on the elite scholars we produce every year. Our students are the cream of the proverbial crop. Not only do we excel academically, but we thrive in the non-academic realm as well. Being a predominantly engineering school, you would assume that all of our students are introverted nerds who do calculus problems for fun. I would be lying if I told you I have never done a math problem for fun, but I have also spent two semesters working in the corporate world, led a campus organization, and am currently studying to become a personal trainer. Surprisingly enough, I am not an anomaly here at Tech. The Georgia Institute of Technology produces some of the most well rounded of students out there. We have a culture here on our 400 acre campus nestled in the bustling heart of downtown Atlanta that cultivates us into the best we can be. 

As a parent, your advice to your student should simply be, “Go forth and be great.” That is all they need to know. Tech has EVERYTHING they need and want and provides a platform for greatness. There is no one way to navigate your way through Georgia Tech because everyone is different. The best way to learn the ropes of Tech is to get out there and do your stuff.  Yes, stuff.  Do any and everything.  Students come in year after year feeling their way through Tech as if they are blindfolded, but you can rest assured that by the time they come home for Thanksgiving break they will have started to figure out what it really means to be a Tech student. Even though we are all different, there is something that brings us together. That something is just this unique college experience. 

Parents, some of you are sending your first child off to college while some of you are sending your last.  To each of you I say, just continue to encourage them. Eventually, they get it right and then they grow exponentially. As long as you are there to support them and be their number one fan, in 4 (or 5 or 6…maybe even 7) years you will have a Georgia Tech grad of which you can be tremendously proud.

Go Jackets!

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