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Jennifer Leavey created Charged Magazine with one thought in mind — to create an online science magazine for people who don’t know much about science.        

“I wanted to create a magazine that could show people who don’t come from science backgrounds how interesting it can be,” said Leavey, integrated sciences curriculum coordinator for the College of Sciences. “I wanted Charged to be a science magazine that read like a fashion or entertainment magazine.”

The magazine has featured the work of students with and without science backgrounds, with articles focusing on everything from how to celebrate DNA Day with a chocolate smoothie to the psychology of Facebook. Shorter articles (500 to 1,000 words) are preferable given the blog format of the website, Leavey added.

“Some of our stories are personal accounts of how science or the study of science affects us,” she said. “Other posts take complicated topics and explain them in an edgy, creative way.”

Charged will officially launch this fall, and while Leavey hopes that the venture will gain popularity among students, she would also like to see more faculty and staff members become engaged.

“I would love to see more submissions from Tech faculty and staff and want volunteers to help with managing the operations of Charged,” she said. “But I also see Charged as a way to increase interaction between faculty and students. It’s a way for both groups to get to know each other better.”

Leavey is also incorporating the magazine into the courses she teaches by asking students to write articles for Charged; she hopes that other professors will consider giving similar assignments.

“Writing an article like this is an effective way to teach a student how to communicate what is often complicated information in a simple, more easily understood fashion,” she added.

Leavey is currently looking for faculty, staff and student volunteers to contribute to writing, editing, designing, marketing and managing Charged.

“It would also be helpful to find someone who can help with the functionality of our website, as well as the coding,” she added.

Writing, sketch, photography and recording submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis at

For more information, contact Leavey.



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