Graduate and Postdoc (GaP) Seminar Series

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Eli Fine - Advisor, Gang Bao, PhD

"Detecting Off-Target Effects of Engineered Nucleases"

Targeted cleavage of DNA by engineered nucleases, such as ZFNs and TALENs, has been used to edit the genomes of many plants and animals. Nucleases can knock-in or knock-out specific genes as well as correct mutations. A major concern in their use is the possibility of cleavage at locations other than the target site. A novel method of locating off-target events and an investigation of the off-target profiles of several nucleases are presented.

Nicholas Parnell - Advisor, J. Todd Streelman, PhD

"Investigating the Genetic and Developmental Basis of Teeth and Taste Buds"

Teeth and taste buds provide an interesting model of iterative development because their anatomical fields may overlap within the oral cavity. To investigate the genetic and developmental components of tooth and taste bud densities we use the diverse and rapidly radiating cichlid fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa. By combining quantitative genetics with molecular biology we are gaining insights into the process of co-patterning oral structures.


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