Graduate and Postdoc (GaP) Seminar Series

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Jeffrey Gaulding - Advisor, Andrew Lyon, PhD

"Thermo-Responsive Microgels Featuring Thiols and Disulfides"

Responsive microgels hold great potential in biomedical applications. Changes in microgel swelling and network structure due to temperature, pH, or redox conditions enable rationally-designed structures for biointerfaces. We have demonstrated the synthesis of microgels incorporating disulfide linkages and reactive thiols via precipitation polymerization. The synthesis of these particles and examples of their applicability will be discussed.

James Norman - Advisor, Mark Prausnitz, PhD

"Usability and Acceptability of a Placebo Microneedle Patch for Self-Vaccination Against Influenza"

Voluntary vaccination programs suffer from low coverage rates and high administration costs. Self-vaccination using novel drug delivery devices may improve coverage and reduce costs. We conducted a human study incorporating engineering and public health aims to investigate the usability, acceptability, and cost-effectiveness of a microneedle patch for self-vaccination against influenza.


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