New Graduate Summer Course in Biotechnology & International Security

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Grad students! Minoring in policy? Want to take something really different, but relevant to your technical training, this summer? Want to take a SUMMER course?

In the SUMMER 2012 session Margaret Kosal, PhD, (INTA professor) and Robert Butera, PhD, are offering this course in Biotechnology and International Affairs which is cross-listed between BMED and INTA.

NOTE: This is a 5 week session, taught 3 hours/day 3 days/week for 5 weeks. Take note of the dates/days when registering!

INTA 8803 MK / BMED 8813 BIS

Biotechnology and International Security

This course will explore the interface between biotechnology and national security concerns. Rapid biotechnological changes are anticipated to occur over the ensuing decades in a globalized world characterized by complex security challenges. What security concerns are posed by rapid developments in biotechnology? How do governments deal with these concerns? Can regulatory frameworks keep pace with rapid developments in biotechnology? How are these issues handled at an international level? We will consider the role of government and non-governmental organizations in efforts to control these technologies. Finally, we will examine the role of the industry and the open market in shaping policy on these technologies.


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