SKIN, an installation by Assistant Professor Gernot Riether with Damien Valero, Jerôme Cognet, and Jérôme Pougnant is part of Traverse Vidéo 2012 in Toulouse, France

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The aim of the installation was to incorporate the human body with art and architecture into a hybrid space. A volume was defined by 320 different variations of a single cell that were networked into one continuous self-supporting surface. Video and sound was used to create an anatomic volume that morphs from microscopic (under the skin) to the macroscopic. The spectator moving through the space becomes the actor by involving his or her body with the object.

The installation by Damien Valero, Jerôme Cognet, Gernot Riether and Jérôme Pougnant will be on display at the Centre Culturel Bellegarde till March 24, 2012

Project Team:
Crimson Changsup Lee, Sabri Gökmen

The project was fabricated at the DFL, Digital Fabrication Laboratory at Georgia Tech.

Special thanks to Andres Cavieres.

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