Nano@Tech with Dr. Jud Ready

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Nano@Tech welcomes GTRI Senior Research Engineer Dr. Jud Ready on "Applications of Carbon Nanotubes in Energy and Aerospace"

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been studied extensively for two decades. Their unique material properties make them novel candidates for a great variety of potential applications. The theoretical strength-to-weight ratio and thermal conductivity of CNTs are higher than other known materials. However, it is the electrical properties that have raised some of the most interesting possibilities. This work will provide an overview of several application-related research programs that are on-going at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). Areas covered include: the use of CNTs as cold cathodes for hall effect thrusters, the use of vertically aligned CNT arrays that serve as highly absorbent light-trapping photovoltaics, the incorporation of CNTs as an active electrode in electrochemical double layer capacitors, and the use of CNTs for mechanical toughing of composites are among some of the applications for energy and aerospace that will be discussed.

Dr. Ready is an adjunct professor in the School of Materials Science & Engineering at Georgia Tech and a senior research engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). His current research focuses primarily on energy, aerospace, nanomaterial applications and electronics reliability.

Dr. Ready holds a  Ph.D. in materials science with a minor in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech. He has published numerous refereed publications on electronic and nanoscale materials and his research developments have been presented at over two dozen international conferences.  



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