Statistics Seminar - Parameters Auto-Tuning in Three Dimensional Photonic Crystal Simulations

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TITLE: Parameters Auto-Tuning in Three Dimensional Photonic Crystal Simulations

SPEAKER: Professor Weichung Wang


Numerical simulations of three-dimensional photonic crystals have gathered great importance in the investigations of their physical properties and real world applications. A main purpose of the simulations is to predict particular lattice structures to achieve maximal bandgaps. This target is a challenge as the computations are highly time-consuming and many tuning parameters are involved. These tuning parameters include structure parameters in the photonics crystal lattices and algorithmic performance parameters in the eigenvalue solvers. To identify the optimal lattice structures and the optimal algorithm combinations, we use several statistical tools to model the unknown response functions of the tuning parameters. Tools arising in design and analysis of computer experiments will be discussed to show the details of the schemes. Promising numerical results will also be presented to justify the proposed schemes.


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