Tech Grads: Well Positioned to Enter the Work Place

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Just recently, and after the dust settled from last month’s Career Fair, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ralph Mobley, Director of Career Services, to ask him a few questions about Tech’s graduates and how they fair in today’s challenging job market.

What is the market like for the undergraduate disciplines taught at Georgia Tech?
Actually, quite good even in today’s economy. Last month’s Career Fair hosted more than 200 actively recruiting companies each day. These same companies were recruiting on campus the very next day. Our regular on-campus interview schedule is as strong as ever. There has been no slow down for us, which is very encouraging.

What percentage of Georgia Tech undergraduates land a job when they graduate?
We survey students at commencement, and of those who are in the job market (i.e. not planning on graduate school), 66% have a job.

To what to you attribute this successful placement rate?
Namely, our pool of students and the disciplines they study. In addition, those industries most vulnerable in today’s economy, such as investment banking and retail, don’t represent a huge recruiting force at Georgia Tech. The industries, such as energy and IT, and companies who specifically seek Tech grads are actually doing quite well and plan to continue hiring talent. Even if a retailer comes to campus to recruit, it will be for information technology or process engineering â€" things Tech does really well.

Regarding the students, what sets them apart from the competition at other peer colleges?
A few things â€" for one, Georgia Tech is consistently ranked in the top tier of colleges â€" public and private. Two, students really benefit from the association with Georgia Tech Alumni who are very engaged in the recruiting process. But what really sets Tech apart from other colleges is the diversity of our student community. All of these factors rolled together make Georgia Tech extremely desirable to recruiters looking for the next generation of leaders.

Do you have any advice for students to help them prepare for their career search and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace?
Students need to understand that the competition is tough â€" not just with students from peer colleges but among students here at Georgia Tech. They need to focus and buckle down… do the research, get help on their resume, practice their pitch, network and take advantage of the resources offered to them at Career Services.

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