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Jennifer White
Patient Financial Services Supervisor, Stamps Health Services

Every parent wants to ensure their student is equipped with all the tools needed to ensure their college experience is safe and successful. One important tool is health insurance. Many students find themselves uninsured during economic downturns, and some are forced to leave higher education pursuits due to medical-related economic hardship.

If your student does not have health insurance coverage, affordable student health insurance is available through the Georgia Board of Regents. The student insurance policy is separate from the mandatory health fee and covers the cost of medical care administered outside of Health Services such as emergency, specialized care, hospitalization, outpatient diagnostic tests and surgery.

Students can enroll starting January 5 through February 5, 2009, for insurance coverage during the spring and summer semesters. Students can enroll this coming spring for coverage during the 2009-2010 academic year. This policy is managed by a group that specializes in student health insurance, Pearce & Pearce Insurance Company. For more information on enrollment including costs and benefits, please visit Pearce & Pearce Insurance Web site.

Once insured, please remind your student to keep a copy of the insurance card with them at all times. Students should know the basics of their health insurance policy and should be aware that providers have different policies regarding filing insurance claims. Most medical providers will file a claim on behalf of the patient and handle any needed follow up to ensure the claim is covered by the insurance policy. However, some providers do not file claims and this puts the responsibility on the student.

In addition, your student should also be aware of "unknown providers" and unexpected charges. The most common example of unexpected charges and multiple providers is an Emergency Room visit. One visit can incur three or four separate invoices depending on the services rendered.

For more information, please visit the Stamps Health Services Web site. You may also visit Frequently Asked Questions for more helpful information on insurance.


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