Participation in Campus Recreation Improves Academic Performance

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Paige Brannon
Campus Recreation Marketing Assistant

Research completed by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning recently found that Georgia Tech students who frequently visit the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) have higher grade point averages (GPAs) and are more likely to be retained the following year. The study also concluded that those who never visited the CRC represented a significant portion of those who had the lowest GPAs and, more importantly, did not continue school at Georgia Tech. While there are a number of factors that influence the academic performance of our students, data analysis indicates that the difference in retention rates are not due to chance alone - frequency of CRC visits do play a role.

The CRC is one of the most phenomenal resources available to the students at Georgia Tech. Whether students come to play basketball with friends, reach a new personal best on the track, or relax in the pool, the CRC offers an environment that meets the physical, emotional, and social needs of our students that are critical to achieving the balance needed in an academically rigorous atmosphere. No matter what your student’s interests or style, there is an involvement opportunity waiting for them at the CRC. Our state-of-the-art facility houses many incredible features such as a 15,000 square-foot fitness center, a climbing wall, two pools, and a multipurpose gym, and is home to some fabulous ways of becoming and staying active! Sophomore Colleen Willoughby says, “I love the CRC because my workouts are never boring. If I don't want to run one day, I could play racquetball or swim instead!”

The G.I.T. FIT program at the CRC offers more than 80 non-credit classes designed to help students learn life-long skills, improve personal fitness, and have fun! Classes range from triathlon training and aerobics to yoga to martial arts. Personal training, massage therapy, and the 10,000 steps program are also offered. The G.I.T. FIT program provides a way to go beyond traditional exercise and learn a fitness routine that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Intramurals and sport clubs are another very popular activity around campus. Friends, residence halls, Greek life, and campus organizations create teams to play exciting games of more than 15 intramural sports including flag football, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee. Also, more than 35 sport clubs are offered allowing students to continue playing in competitive sports. Sophomore Kyle Pate, who regularly participates in intramural sports, states, “I like intramurals because they give me an opportunity to stay active, compete in the sports I love, and work in a team setting with my close friends.”

The Outdoor Recreation at Georgia Tech program, also known as ORGT, is another dynamic program that offers outlets for the outdoor enthusiast. They plan excursions around Georgia such as caving, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and sea kayaking. ORGT also allows students to rent out camping equipment for personal camping trips. Participating students are left with unforgettable outdoor memories!

The Campus Recreation Center is a resource that, when fully utilized, enables the Georgia Tech community, particularly its students, to practice healthy behavior. Beyond the outstanding education that Georgia Tech offers, regular use of the CRC provides so many additional benefits that are important to developing a balanced, healthy lifestyle. And as the studies show, it pays off!


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