Learning Successful Interviewing Strategies

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Mary Bibik
First-year, Computer Engineering Major

Recently, I attended the Successful Interviewing Strategies workshop offered by Career Services. Since I am planning to participate in the co-op program at Georgia Tech, I was very interested in learning about successful interviewing strategies. I found the workshop very interesting and useful. I had never had to interview for a job before, so I didn’t know quite what to expect of the interview process; it was all very new to me. By attending the workshop, I was able to talk to advisors and get all of my questions answered. The workshop walked me through what happens in an interview, discussed questions/answers to prepare beforehand as well as interviewer and interviewee expectations. All of which put my mind at ease about the process. I particularly enjoyed the staged mock interview, where we got to see what we just learned in action.

I also enjoyed learning about all of the components of a successful interview. There is more to it than what you actually say and how you answer the question. I had no idea that body language was such an important factor in giving a good impression of your skills. I know that my body language is often contrary to what I am saying - something to definitely work on! I also learned that nervous fidgeting is strongly frowned upon. After the workshop, I spoke to the instructor on how best to overcome my nervous fidgeting. Something I was sure would plague me in an interview, and I really found his advice useful. Since the workshop, I have been practicing my newly found interview skills in my class presentations. While the rest of my group stands with their hands in their pockets and wobbling from side to side, I use the skills I learned from this workshop to present my points with confidence and clarity.

This workshop has been invaluable to my education at Georgia Tech. I would recommend the Successful Interviewing Strategies workshop to anyone beginning the interview process. Not only did I receive vital information about the interview process itself, but I also learned new tools and skills to help me be as successful as possible. Career Services even offers more advanced sessions on how to further enhance your interview skills, including the mock interview. As I get closer to my actual interview for my co-op opportunity, this will help me prepare, build my confidence and ease my nerves about interviewing.


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