Weighing In with the CRC's Biggest Losers!

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Paige Brannon, CRC Marketing Assistant
Second-year, Double Major in Management and Science, Technology, and Culture

On January 26, eighteen students and six faculty and staff members at Georgia Tech embarked on the experience of a lifetime. Prepared to sweat, work out, lose weight, and gain a lifetime of healthy habits, these Yellow Jackets are striving to become the Campus Recreation Center’s next Biggest Loser!

This semester, the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) had the largest turnout ever for the semester long Biggest Loser Program. With more than 30 applicants, 24 people were chosen to take advantage of the program’s health resources to lose weight and get healthy. Those selected to compete were split into five teams. With the help of trainers and the moral support of teammates, our Biggest Loser participants are quickly moving toward their health goals.

Everyday, participants keep a food log to track their consumption of calories and nutrients. Studies show that when you know you will have to record an unhealthy food item on your log, it makes you think twice before eating it! Additionally, participants meet with their groups for team workouts twice a week, a combination of strength and cardio exercises designed to lose weight and build muscle quickly. Each completed food log and workout carries a point value. An award will be given at the end of the program to the participant who has earned the greatest number of points for their hard work.

The team winners, those who have lost the most weight in their group, will compete for the title of the Biggest Loser. Currently, the Gold Team is in the lead with an average team weight loss of 6.5 percent; collectively, the Biggest Losers have lost more than 234 pounds this spring! Great job, guys! We look forward to seeing who will win it all!

For more information on fitness programs, visit the CRC Web site


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