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Rachael Pocklington
Communications Officer, Parents Program

During a recent Connect With Tech event this spring, I had the pleasure to meet Sandy Cols, a parent volunteer, who really took a great deal of time to prepare herself for any questions prospective parents may have (yes, lucky for us our parents are as organized as our students). The following is a question and answer session between Sandy Cols and her daughter Melanie Cols, a first year student in the College of Management, about her experience thus far at Tech. The Parents Program applauds Sandy and all of our parent volunteers for helping to spread the good word about Tech.

What do you love about being at Tech?
The balance of everything-- big city, small, tight campus. Good balance of FUN and academics. Good at sports... good at academics. It's got everything! I love being able to hang out on campus and be with my friends all the time. I love living in midtown Atlanta and taking advantage of all that is offered in this area.... so much is going on all the time!!

What don't you like about Tech?
Parking is a hassle sometimes.... and I wish we had more pretty buildings.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?
Stay on top of everything! Don't miss out on something because you forget about it or are too lazy to apply for things. Go for it all your first few months, and then narrow down on what you want to do. You can look into something without committing to it... but once you find something you want to do, commit to it and get involved!

How is the social scene? Is there a social scene outside of greek?
The on-campus social scene is mostly greek. People do socialize off-campus but that's smaller. The greek social scene here is really, really fun and not known for being insanely crazy. There is ALWAYS stuff going on.

What about safety? Do you feel safe on campus?
I feel very safe on campus. I never walk around by myself at night, but I never feel worried about walking around by myself during the day. I see policemen at every other corner.

Are the classes challenging? What do friends (in other fields) think about the classes so far?
Classes are hard, but manageable. It's college... so it's supposed to be hard. That's why your degree means something when you graduate.

Do you regret your decision to attend Tech?
NO. I am IN LOVE with TECH!!

Any tips you wish you'd known before coming to Tech that would have helped?
Figure out an awesome way to organize your furniture in your dorm BEFORE you move in, haha. Oh, and don't room with someone from high school. Look on Facebook for a roommate, or room with someone with whom you have mutual friends or met at camp, etc.


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