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Jennifer White
Patient Financial Service Supervisor, Stamps Health Services

While health insurance is not mandatory for every student attending Georgia Tech, it is highly recommended, simply because you never know when you will need it. With that said, there are certain groups of students for whom health insurance is mandatory, per the University System of Georgia Board of Regents (BOR).

Mandatory Graduates:
* Teaching Assistant
* Research Assistant
* F1 or J1 visa holder
* Fellowship
* Full tuition waiver

Mandatory Undergraduates:
* F1 or J1 visa holder

Pearce & Pearce Health Insurance:

The BOR offers student health insurance for eligible students and their dependent(s). The current carrier for the student health insurance is Pearce & Pearce Insurance. With Pearce & Pearce health insurance, students are either categorized as mandatory or voluntary. Mandatory students (outlined above) are required by the BOR to have health insurance - preferably through Pearce & Pearce where the associated cost for the health insurance is applied automatically to the student's tuition.

Mandatory students who already have their own private health insurance (i.e. non-Pearce & Pearce health insurance) may enroll to waive the Pearce & Pearce insurance coverage. To waive the Pearce & Pearce insurance, students must go online to the Pearce & Pearce website and fill out the waiver. Pearce & Pearce will then verify the alternate coverage and contact the student directly regarding the approval.

Students who are not mandatory (graduate or undergraduate) may go to the Pearce & Pearce website and apply online for the voluntary policy. There is a 30-day open enrollment period at the start of each semester to enroll for the student insurance coverage for the voluntary plan or for mandatory students to add spouse/dependents. Mandatory and voluntary students must go to the Pearce & Pearce website and add their spouse/dependents through the online enrollment.

For additional information on the Pearce & Pearce Insurance, please call 1.888.622.6001 or go to and type in Georgia Tech to access the Georgia Tech information page.

Private Health Insurance (Non Pearce & Pearce Plans)

Students who do not participate in the mandatory or voluntary Pearce & Pearce health insurance, should be covered by private health insurance. For these students, it is important to note that Stamps Health Services is not a part of any Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) or Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) groups. Stamps Health Services only accepts the Georgia Tech-issued student insurance - not private insurance plans. To verify if your student’s private insurance company recognizes Stamps Health Services as a rendering provider (for out of network reimbursement), please call the customer service number on your student’s insurance card. Not all out of state insurance plans cover medical charges in Georgia.

Regardless of coverage, payment is due to Stamps health Services when services are rendered. Stamps Health Services does not file insurance claims at this time; therefore payment must be made in full when services are rendered. Stamps Health’s Patient Financial Services will assist students in filing for reimbursement upon request.

Health Fee

The Georgia Tech health fee is not health insurance. It is a fee which allows students access to all of the valuable services at Stamps Health Services.

The health fee is a separate charge and is mandatory for all students taking four or more hours per semester. If your student is taking less than four hours and has the Pearce & Pearce Insurance, he/she will need to pay the semester health fee to the Georgia Tech Stamps Health Services Cashier Office because he/she will continue to use Georgia Tech Stamps Health Service as their primary provider.

The health fee is assessed per semester as follows:
* Student with four or more credit hours: Student Health Fee is mandatory and charged to the student via the Bursar’s office.
* Student with less than four credit hours: Student Health Fee is voluntary and paid at the Stamps Health Services.
* Co-op students: Student Health Fee is voluntary and paid at the Stamps Health Services.
* Savannah students: Student Health Fee is voluntary and paid at the Stamps Health Services.
* Non-registered students eligible to return within one semester: Student Health Fee is voluntary and paid at Stamps Health Services.
* Spouse or Domestic partner: Student Health Fee is voluntary and paid at the Stamps Health Services. Must be associated with an eligible student.
* Summer program students: Student Health Fee is voluntary and paid by the summer program sponsor department.

Click here for more information on health insurance at Stamps Health Services.


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