Practicing Safety at Tech

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Officer Alex Gutierrez
Crime Prevention Officer, Georgia Tech Police Department

Providing a safe and secure environment, while sustaining and nurturing an open campus, is Georgia Tech’s top priority. Faculty, staff and administrators devote significant resources to the provision and maintenance of a safe and secure campus community. Though we have a staff of more than 76 police officers patrolling the campus, it is important to remember that we are located in a large, urban environment. As your student begins their college at Tech, they should understand and embrace the following safety tips.

Safety Tips:
* In an event of an emergency, students should call the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) at 404.894.2500. Students should program this number into their cell phones.
* If in need of late-night campus transportation, use the Stingerette after-hours shuttle service. Students should also program 404.385.7433 into their cell phones.
* Students should remove all valuables from their vehicle to help prevent break-ins. Leaving any items in view-GPS devices, laptops, purses, spare change, books and gym bags-put a vehicle at increased risk for a break-in.
* If a suspicious or armed person demands property, students should comply with their request then immediately seek police assistance.
* If your student sees something suspicious contact the Georgia Tech Police immediately.
* Keep doors and windows locked, especially when your student is not in their room.
* Register all laptops and bicycles to help the recovery process in the event of theft. This is a FREE service. Click here for more information.
* Follow the Georgia Tech Police on Facebook and twitter @GaTechPD

Campus Prevention Measures:
* Georgia Tech has 76 sworn police officers that patrol campus 24-hours a day on foot, motorcycle, bicycle, car, segway and sometimes with a K-9 companion.
* Atlanta Police and Georgia Tech police work together daily to increase public safety around the perimeter of the campus.
* The Stingerette after hours transport runs from 6 p.m. - 7 a.m., so students do not have to walk on campus after dark. Students should allow for a 15-30 minute service response time.
* There are 190 emergency “blue” phones located throughout the campus.
* Key or secure card entry to all residence halls
* Georgia Tech provides free training and safety classes in self defense, sexual violence, alcohol safety and emergency preparedness.
* Counseling services available 24-hours a day through the Georgia Tech Counseling Center.
* Housing staff available 24-hours a day.
* Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System (GTENS) emergency text message system in place for all students who sign up. Students should sign up at
* Campus outdoor siren warning system.
* Emergency alerts to classrooms are delivered through computers and projectors that are connected to the campus computer network.
* Students are required to enter emergency contact information on Buzzport. Click on the red phone icon after logging in at

Students can help reduce their risk of being a victim of a crime and increase their personal safety. For more information visit the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) website Recent crime statistics may be found at


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