Georgia Tech-Lorraine: An Experience of a Lifetime

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Patrick Rucker
Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student

I was born and raised in Snellville, Georgia. When I graduated from high school, I came to Georgia Tech, which was my absolute first choice--it was my dream school since sixth grade. Noting all these references to Georgia, one might assume that I lived a fairly parochial life. In part this is true, but thanks to my dad who is a pilot for Delta, I was fortunate to have traveled extensively with my parents throughout my childhood.

When I came to Georgia Tech and heard about the Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL) program, I eagerly seized this opportunity to become not just a tourist, but to really immerse myself in another country. To imagine being able to spend an entire semester in France, living in a dorm with French students, as well as my fellow Georgia Tech students was very exciting for me.

I enrolled in GTL for the first time in fall of 2010 and it turned out to be the best part of my entire Georgia Tech experience. I am an electrical engineering undergrad, and the classes I took were taught by actual Georgia Tech professors. The best part was taking classes in such an intimate environment-my largest class was 20 students, compared to over 100 back in Atlanta. Given the small class size, I was able to get to know my professors in a way that would have been nearly impossible in the more traditional classrooms.

Plus, I got to travel quite extensively! In the four months I was there, I visited 10 different countries and had such incredible experiences - hiking in the mountains near Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, making friends with a Venetian who lived right on the canals, and flying to Ireland for the weekend for less than $10. It is difficult to describe all of the amazing experiences I had.

I will study again at GTL this fall and will even be able to do my Senior Design project there. What a way to cap off my Georgia Tech education! Aside from the amazing academic experience I had there, and the fantastic travel opportunities, I will walk away from this experience understanding myself better, understanding the world better, and knowing more clearly my future path.


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