Georgia Tech-Lorraine: Gateway to Europe

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Sandra Song
Director of Communications

Georgia Tech’s undergraduate students have a unique opportunity to add an international component to their educational experience by attending Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL). The GTL campus in Metz, France, was created 20 years ago as Georgia Tech’s first international campus and offers academic programs year around - giving students the opportunity to seamlessly continue their undergraduate education in a beautiful, international setting. Metz is centrally located in eastern France along the Luxembourg and German boarders, and is only 90 minutes away from Paris by train. The New York Times named Metz as one of the top 44 most compelling destinations in the world.

The central location of the campus makes travel throughout Europe accessible and easy, and students are encouraged to take full advantage of the convenient location. One might expect that taking a full academic load and continuous travel might compromise academic performance. On the contrary, experience has shown that students tend to perform better academically while at GTL compared to semesters spent at the Atlanta campus.

In addition, the financial incentive for non-resident students to study at GTL is significant, as they pay in-state tuition rates, plus $2,000 which equates to a savings of approximately $7,000 per semester! One out-of-state student reported that after purchasing his round trip airfare, Eurail pass, tuition, room, board, books, and associated all fees, he actually spent less than he would have if he had stayed at the Atlanta campus.

Students overwhelming describe this as “the best part of the Georgia Tech experience”, and “life-changing.” The popularity of the program has propelled the growth of GTL to its current stature as the largest international engineering program in the U.S.

Students typically begin their studies at GTL in their second year. However, we encourage students who are interested in attending GTL to begin planning their overall curriculum during their first year so that they can most effectively leverage the courses offered at the Lorraine campus. Course offerings and other information about the program can be found at the GTL website at

For additional information, contact Sandra Song, director of communications at, or at 404.385.1865.


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