Stop! Don't Assume it is Safe to...

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Alex Gutierrez
Crime Prevention Officer
Georgia Institute of Technology Police Department

As young adults, it is easy to take safety for granted which can jeopardize personal safety as well as the security of personal belongings. To start the academic year off right, we ask our parents to talk to their students about practicing basic, yet highly effective safety precautions. Based upon my experience as a crime prevention officer at Georgia Tech, I offer you and your student my top 10 list of “don’t assumes.”

1) Don't assume by leaving your computer unattended anywhere for a couple of minutes it will be safe.

2) Don't assume your room door is locked. Always double-check the lock. You may be safety conscious but your roommate(s) may not be.

3) Don't assume a bicycle cable lock or heavy chain will make it difficult for a thief to steal your bike. Use a U lock type bicycle lock.

4) Don't assume it will be easy to find your lost or stolen laptop. Students are encouraged to register their laptop and/or bicycle with the Georgia Tech Police Department as a free service. This registration system provides Georgia Tech Police Department a means to begin the recovery process of your items.

5) Don't assume walking alone late at night is safe. Always walk in numbers, in familiar areas and well lit streets.

6) Don't assume a stranger giving or asking for money is your friend. Once you take out your money, the stranger may take your wallet and purse and run away with it.

7) Don't assume a person behind you entering a secured building is a student. If they are a student they will have access to the area. Do not open the door for anyone.

8) Don't assume your parents’ homeowners insurance will take care of a theft in your residential housing on campus. Policies vary - check with your homeowner insurance to be sure of coverage.

9) Don't assume a person who seems to be suspicious to you may actually belong on campus. If you see something, say something. Report anything that is suspicious to you to GTPD by calling 404.894.2500.

10) Don't assume GTPD is not on using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate important messages including crime prevention tips. Become a friend of Georgia Tech Police Department on Facebook and "follow" us on Twitter.


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