Personal, Buddy, and Group Training at the CRC

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Paige Brannon
Marketing and Communications Assistant, Campus Recreation
Fourth-year Management and Science, Technology, and Culture dual major

Among the many services the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) offers, one of the most distinctive and personalized is personal training. The CRC offers individual, buddy, and group training for students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Our training services allow for a more personalized approach to fitness as compared to G.I.T. FIT classes, which are themed exercise classes offered weekly to a large group.

The CRC has 10 trainers that offer individual, buddy, and group training. These trainers can meet with clients based on availability, so scheduling is very flexible. Students can buy training packages ranging from two to 10 sessions, depending on their needs and goals. A complimentary fitness assessment is included in the purchase of fitness sessions and includes strength, flexibility, body composition, endurance, and polar body age testing.

Personal training is a one-on-one session with a trainer, usually on a weekly basis. Typically, personal training is a good choice for any level of exerciser, from those who need motivation and guidance to start working out, to advanced exercisers looking to reach a specific goal.

Personal training is offered in two-, six-, or 10-session packages and the cost ranges from $17 to $28 per session. Students are encouraged to meet with the personal trainer on their own schedules so that exercise can be part of a regular, convenient routine. While some prefer to meet with a trainer for every workout session, others might only need to meet with a trainer to be motivated or when they reach a plateau with their current workout program.

Buddy training pairs two people with one trainer. It allows for personal time with a trainer and the opportunity to train with a friend for extra motivation. Some students use buddy training to train for events or to add a competitive edge to their workout. Buddy training is offered in two-, six-, or 10-session packages ranging from $21-$38 per session.

Lastly, group training offers a personalized routine at a reduced cost. Groups range in size from three to six people, and students can form a group with their friends or be placed in an open group. Group training is also tailored to each individual and provides an environment where the whole group can work out together. Group training is available in packages of six one-hour sessions, costing $60.

Students can register for classes at the CRC Member Services desk or by contacting Faith Doldo at 404.385.1651.


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